Project Sungazer


    • To serve as a resource for the general public to learn about Sungazer’s, the threats facing them and the efforts by individuals and groups to conserve them
    • To raise awareness of the illegal trade that is driving Sungazer’s towards extinction
    • To support the efforts of conservationists working towards saving them
    • To promote discussion of the conservation and management of Sungazer’s including techniques, equipment, software, exclusion, attraction and exchange of thoughts
    • Project Sungazer is a collaborative effort between multiple wildlife organisations, government agencies, private business, farmers and the general public to develop networking opportunities, campaign development and input in raising funds
    • To identify Sungazer hotspots and secure the area as a conservancy, sanctuary, reserve or secured area.


    • To secure the future existence of the Sungazer by providing Sungazer sanctuaries and reserves
    • To protect the habitat of the present population of Sungazer’s by making farmers aware of the plight of the Sungazer
    • To have a yearly function and award giving ceremony for Sungazer farmer of the year
    • Research captive breeding programs
    • Campaign development for the Sungazer
    • Networking with all role players that has the plight of the Sungazer at heart
    • Exclusion, attraction and exchange of thoughts

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